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Monday, January 24, 2011

Glamour Gloss

If you have never heard of Glamour Gloss let me fill you in. Glamour Gloss is made (and shipped) by me but SOLD through Vanessa and I started collaborating last year and Glamour Gloss was born. I start with a mixture of base, then customize the color, add some sweetness, and finish it off with the sweet smell of cherry. I try to offer colors that range from everyday to special occasion.

So what's new? Well, several months ago we took the gloss down because I wanted to reformulate them to be even better. Unfortunately for me things got really hectic, which I go into detail about in my adventures in moving blog. Since I have redone the formula the glosses are back and better than ever. The main difference is the base. It holds onto color a lot better. With the old formula the gloss was sheer but buildable. This time around it's almost the opposite. The color is more intense but can be sheered down. Each color used to have it's own fragrance, but now each color is cherry flavored. The scent is similar to cherry chapstick which reminds me of being little every time I smell it. The individual scent concept may return but for now it was getting to hard to keep stock of each scent and as I added new colors the search would be on for quality scent which was also getting difficult. I discontinued a few of the glosses that didn't sell that well; London Lights (the pale yellow), Catwalk (the reddish color), Fierce (silver), and NY Minute (orange). I will be adding 4 new colors. One of the colors is up now it's called Pink Pumps (cute right?) lol. The other 3 will be going up once I figure out awesome names for them. Oh btw if you fancy yourself as a good lip gloss namer then by all means wathc this and let me know It's always so much more fun when everyone else has their input.

That is pretty much it for the changes. The cost is still the same $6.00 or the Pick 5 pack for $25.00. I'm also accepting review apps. Since it's a new year, I am not going through old applications for reviewers. This basically means if you are interested in reviewing but already applied in 2010 go ahead and apply again for 2011. The requirements are 1,000 subs. I had some less than great experiences with reviewers last go around so the criteria is going to be a little stricter. Now let me clarify. The bad experience was not with the fabulous girls that did the reviews (Thank you all btw), but it was with those who got product from me and then never did a review and never contacted me to tell me why. So with that said, make sure you fill out the review application thoroughly. Make sure you answer all the questions, and for the love of God please spell check. Failure to do so will more than likely cause me to pass up your review. Just put a little effort into your request and everything should be golden. The review forms are on There is one for gloss and one for shadow. Make sure you choose gloss if that is what you are wanting to review. Bloggers are of course welcome too. I hope this isn't causing me to sound like a jerk but just like any company small or large that sends out free product WE (the company) still have to pay for them. So when someone takes products just because they want something free it costs money.

Thanks for reading,