Youtube who?


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Youtube who?

So over the last few months I have noticed that my drive for making YT videos is practically non-existent. As of now I haven't figured out the exact reason. I love making videos and love all the feedback I get from my subs. Before I quit my job I wished and wished I had much more time and it seemed like I squeezed a video in any chance I got. Now I have a little bit more time (although being a stay at home mom keeps me busier than working a full time job) I can't seem to get videos done. I have sat down and formulated plans of action and yet when it comes time to get them done something else comes up. I have decided instead of thinking about it constantly I am taking a break. I hope that by allowing my self to not feel guilty about my lack of videos that I will regain the love and inspiration I once had. In the meantime, I am gonna working on this blog to update any one who feels like reading my rambling thoughts since it has always seemed I never run out of things to say. Take care, Mel

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