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Monday, May 23, 2011

IMATS 2011

So it is getting to be that exciting time of the year again where I can't wait to get to Los Angeles for IMATS. If you are unfamiliar with what IMATS stands for it is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. It's held in different locations all over but I'm attending the one in Pasadena in June. I went last year with Vee (glamourdolleyes) and we had so much fun. We really didn't know what to expect and so there was a lot we didn't do. They have classes going on throughout the two days as well as competitions and of course makeup shopping and meeting up with friends. Now that I know what to expect I think things will go a bit smoother. Last year we stayed in Hollywood so we were not close to the convention center. Try having a bunch of makeup/fashion loving girls get ready early on a weekend morning and do it quickly...Oh and with one bathroom. Needless to say we ran behind. This year we are staying within walking distance right next door to the convention center so driving is not going to be an issue. I was just on Olivia's blog (Oliviamakeupchannel) and she started a list which I thought is a great idea so I decided I would do the same.. Here is what I have so far.

OCC....(Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
Lip Tar in Trollop
Lip Tar in Grandma
Lip Tar in Conquest

I want an air brush machine but I'm not sure which one I will get. I have to remember to save extra room in my suit cases for this...

Kitten eyeshadow (only cause I have never tried it and I hear it's pretty cool)

Well from the looks of the products on the website I want everything from them...

Brushes and lashes of course but I'm not sure from who just who ever has the best ones I get.

Metalic palette
Tropical palette
Pastel palette (another one cause I love mine so much)

Parian Spirit
Brush cleaner

Makeup Forever
Aqua Liners (all)
Number 92 (if we make it in time before it sells out)
As many aqua creams as they have available
Pure pigments ..... pretty much everything they have at the MUFE booth lol

I think this is it for right now. I'm also hoping to get in some classes and see more of the competitions since I missed out on those last year.

I'm super excited to see everyone again and hang out with a whole new group of girls that are coming down. All of the Glamourdolleyes team will be there this year which is also super exciting just by itself.

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  1. yayyyy!! OCC YES PLEASE.
    Inglot...I want so many things!
    parian spirit for sure, I love it.